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Quicklane Chandler

Fast Oil Changes in Phoenix and Chandler AZ

When you need a fast oil change in Chandler, you can trust the knowledgeable technicians at Quick Lane. Our job is to get your car in and out fast, but it’s also to perform our services with extra skill and dedication.

You’ll want to schedule service to make sure we are ready when you are!

Six Reasons to Choose Our Oil Change Services

Why should you choose the Earnhardt Ford Quick Lane?

First of all, our oil change prices are extremely competitive. You can get your car pampered without spending too much money.

Second, we will always give you honest advice. For instance, you can ask us about the advantages and disadvantages of conventional oil versus a full synthetic oil. We’ll never steer you wrong.

Third, we use only the best conventional or synthetic blend. Our oil is top quality so it will last longer and work more efficiently.

Fourth, while we specialize in Fords, our Quick Lane is designed to handle all makes and models with equal skill. Try us out and find out how much we care about every customer and every car.

Fifth, we offer a full vehicle check-up that you won’t get from a typical drive-thru oil change place. This is one way we really set ourselves apart from other Phoenix AZ auto shops.

Sixth, our goal is to keep your ride running smoothly. We help customers with a wide range of auto repairs and preventative services.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Our team regularly handles cooling system repair and maintenance. After all, this is Phoenix AZ where we can’t make it without good air conditioning.

So,please don’t suffer for one hour longer than you have to. Let us determine what is wrong with your air conditioning and help you beat the heat.

Car Batteries, Belts and Brake Repair

Our highly skilled team can test your battery and determine next steps. We won’t sell you a battery when the problem is with the alternator.

What’s more, we’ve got the parts to perform brake repairs, whether it’s just the brake pads or something more. Our Motorcraft parts selection ensures that we can work fast and efficiently to get you back on the road.

Our store keeps the belts and hoses you need. We can replace them before wear and tear leaves your car broken down.

Wheel Alignments, Tires and Top Quality Parts

Our team is very well aware that your safety starts with good tires. That’s why our large tire selection is ready when you are. The Quick Lane philosophy is to provide plenty of choices and top quality products such as Motorcraft brake pads and Continental tires.

You can count on us for wheel alignments and other suspension work. Our goal is to help you maintain your tires, keep your car in good working order, and enjoy the most carefree days behind the wheel.

Appointments Needed

Due to the large customer volume at Quick Lane and the Earnhardt Ford service department, appointments are required. Just click here to schedule your oil change or any of our other fast services.

We look forward to serving you at our Ford Quicklane location in Chandler AZ.